Lymington Rushmore Presents…

Saturday 24th October 4.30-6pm
(*on Zoom)  
Blow away those autumn cobwebs with 90 minutes of action-packed games, chat and Bible. A chance to catch up with friends from camp and connect with other sixth-formers, wanting to grow in their faith at school.



4:35 Breakout Groups – Catch up with friends from other schools and make some new ones! 

4:50 Would I lie to you? – Sift the truth from the half-truths, as leaders spin yarns about what they may or may not have got up to during lockdown. 

5:05Interview – Meet a couple of recent school leavers who talk about what helped them in their faith as sixth-formers.

5:15Talk – A few minutes looking at a Bible passage to equip us for the second half of term.

5:25Breakout Groups – Back into the same groups to chat about the talk, share news from school and play a few classic camp games

5:45Mystery Game – A final frantic fight between groups to claim the coveted half-term get-together crown! 

6:00Bye for now 

How much? 

Completely free!

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply click the button below, and we’ll send you the zoom link on the day.