Virtually Lymington Rushmore:
Student Week

We’ve planned a bumper week of fun, friendship and encouragement for you to enjoy on Zoom.  Imagine camp from the comfort of your own bedroom with no washing up or need for shoes that don’t mind getting wet….

Join in and reconnect with camp, see old friends and be refreshed in your faith during the summer holidays.

The Student Week is free and will happen on Zoom. It’s open to anyone who’s a student (even those graduating this summer) who has either been to a Lymington Rushmore event in the past or who was signed up to come this summer. Whether you’re an AL or Leader it’s for you – we’d love to see you there!

We’ll be running 3 sessions each day with some evening entertainment on three of the nights.  You’re welcome to come to just one session each day or sign up for them all.  We expect most students will choose either the Reading a Christian Classic stream or Ready to Serve stream, but you can do both if you’d like to depending on your Zoom stamina and other commitments!

You’ll get the most out of the week by coming along every day but it’s fine if you can only make the odd day or two, just let us know when you sign up.

Sign up here by 8th July by clicking the button below.

Once you book in we’ll send you a more detailed programme and invite you to choose which stream(s) you’d like to join.